My Day at The Ultimate Women’s Expo

Today I had the opportunity to attend The Ultimate Women’s Expo in Atlanta. The Georgia World Congress Center was bustling with beautiful women looking at all that was available from a multitude of vendors. They gathered to hear other prominent women spread inspirational messages of empowerment and self-love. So imagine my delight when I not only had the chance to attend, but to set up shop and sell my books.

My two biggest sellers today were When Love Ain’t Enough: Rozalla and Vince and Hate The Way He Loves Me. The women that stopped by booth 420 were so incredibly supportive. I can’t tell you how many times I gave a synopsis of each book, but I swear I could’ve stood there and repeated myself all day. It’s no secret that writing is my passion and I would do it if I never made another dime or if another soul never read my work. But it is the joy of meeting new readers, seeing their excitement over my novels and hearing their feedback that makes this writing journey so much sweeter.

Today was filled with greeting new readers, meeting others that were familiar with my work, taking pictures, networking and making plans to attend other events. I even took a few minutes out to go and be further inspired by some of the motivational speakers. I was blessed by the events of the day. Every day is a blessing from God and each day that I get to share my work, my passion is a blessed blessing and I am eternally grateful for it.

Stacey Covington-Lee

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