Work and Play at St. Simons Island

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Brunswick for a work-related training. The beautiful thing about this trip was the fact that we could be near the water in the evening. I love being near the water so although I was tired from the ride, I was excited to go to St. Simons Island. So after setting up the training site, checking into the hotel and getting a power nap, we headed to the island.

Our first stop was St. Simons Island Pier.  My coworkers and I took some selfies and pics by the water before heading to Barbara Jeans for dinner. I ate She Crab Soup and Coconut Shrimp. The highlight of the meal was the bread basket that was served before the meal. The basket had a variety of breads – cornbread, pumpkin bread were the two I remember. They were delicious! Sorry, I didn’t get any pics of the deliciousness. Here are some pics from the pier though.

Nothing like a pic by the water!

See what I’m talking about! The views are amazing!
On the last night of our trip we had to make our way back to the island for dinner. We decided upon Iguanna’s. So glad we did. The food was great! I tried something I’ve never had before – fried grits. I swear when she brought out my food, I thought she had my order wrong. I didn’t realize what I had ordered. Well, let me tell you something. The fried grits were AMAZING! I couldn’t eat them all but the two I had were simply delicious!


Shrimp and Grits
Another special treat that this restaurant offers is free soft serve ice cream. They also provide a variety of toppings – gummy bears, sprinkles, cookie crumbles and more. We enjoyed the treat!


I love vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles
After dinner, we walked the pier while the sun set. It was a great way to end the day.


Beautiful pic captured suring our post dinner stroll


If you ever travel to St. Simons, I would definitely recommend  these two restaurants. I’m looking forward to traveling there again to enjoy the food and scenery.


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