Monday Motivation- It’s Okay To Take Off Your Superhero Cape

“There are only twenty-four hours in a day.”

From a young age, women are taught that we must handle things, endure, be the pillar of strength. We pride ourselves on having these long descriptions of who we are.

“I’m a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a niece, an entrepreneur.”

And although we may be all of those things, when you lay it out like that, it seems pretty exhausting. There are only twenty-four hours in a day. How can you be all of those things to another? And notice none of those descriptions talk about who you are to yourself.

So here we go, waking up in the morning, our feet hit the floor and we have to be immediately prepared to “handle”. We tell ourselves that we have to juggle it all. Society tells us that although men are physically stronger, women are the strongest mentally.

But how can you be that strong when life is constantly happening? What happens when you endure loss? When that Plan A you had detailed on your vision board seems to be morphing into Plan C. How do you handle it all and still be as graceful as possible when all you want to do is scream to the top of your lungs?

wonder woman

  • Remind yourself that even superheros don’t live as the superhero all of the time. All of the superheroes had alter egos, humans that were flawed and did not always handle things correctly.
  • Give yourself permission to mess up. Stop putting pressure on yourself to be perfect all of the time. You can’t be everywhere all at once and you can’t be everything to everyone. So there is no need in trying.
  • Delegate. Give up your inner control freak (and your pride) and let people help you.  Some of the things on your plate can be done another day or you can let someone else handle it for you while you tackle something else.
  • Relax. Truth is, your house won’t fall apart because you took an hour to rest. If it does, you have to rethink everyone around you and learn to delegate. No one should be in a position where they are the only person in the situation that can handle things.
  • Find an outlet. Whether it is doing something creative with your hands, jogging, or it’s taking time out to yourself to get a massage or get your nails done, it is important to find a way to release stress or tension. Building up endorphins is a great way to improve your mood!

You’ve now been given permission to take off your superhero cape. Even if it is sparkly, pretty, and full of #girlpower and magic, it is completely okay to take off your cape, lay down the all of the hats that you wear, and take a break.


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