AAMBC’s Urban Book Bash and Movie Premier of Secrets

A couple of weeks ago the ladies of CLS had the opportunity to attend the AAMBC’s Urban Book Bash. For those that don’t know, AAMBC stands for African Americans on the Move Book Club. Its founder and CEO, Tamika Newhouse, has grown AAMBC into one of the largest online book clubs today and has created The AAMBC Book Awards. As part of the awards weekend events, she hosted the Urban Book Bash. This event brought together a plethora of authors, media, and of course, readers. The Haven (located in downtown Atlanta) was a spacious venue that managed to maintain a feeling of intimacy. It offered comfortable seating, good mixed drinks as well as tasty appetizers.

There was no shortage of authors. Big names included NY Times best sellers Mary B. Morrison and Omar Tyree. CLS bloggers Stacey Covington-Lee and Hilda Fields walked the red carpet and interviewed many of the attendees. Tamika Newhouse shared her inspiration for creating AAMBC. In her words “My motivation is to be an advocate for authors and for their books.” She went on to say that “People didn’t really want to go to book signings. We created an experience to make it fun, make it lively and people are more prone to come out and enjoy.” She certainly accomplished her goal as the atmosphere for the Urban Book Bash was electric.

Immediately following the Urban Book Bash, Tamika Newhouse in conjunction with publisher/producer, Tressa (Life Changing Books) hosted a viewing and panel discussion for the upcoming feature film, Secrets. Secrets is based on the novel, Secrets of Housewife by J. Tremble. Three of the film’s stars (Harold House Moore, Deric Augustine and Dennis White) and its producer discussed the main topics of the film (love and infidelity) and took questions from the audience. While we didn’t get to see the film in its entirety, what was shown was hot and steamy. Secrets hits theaters this fall and is a must see movie for sure.

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