Music – Freedom Of Expression


Music is one of my favorite expressions of freedom. Music has a way of bringing not so common people together through words, melodic beats, and instruments. The lyrics tell stories of life.

I recently went to Chicago’s City Winery to listen to David Broza, an Israeli folk-rock singer-songwriter sing in Hebrew, Spanish, and English for two hours. I felt so free sitting in a packed audience with not many people like me.

Grooving to his version of Marvin Gaye’s, “Wherever I lay my hat,” David Broza took request and crossed genres with ease. We drank wine and enjoyed Mr. Broza’s passion for sharing songs of peace, life and love.

city winery

Singing along, clapping off beat, swaying shoulder to shoulder with strangers most likely wondering what happen to my rhythm. We loved listening to Mr. Broza sing popular American songs with a twist. The music felt great as it pulsated through my veins.

After a quick break, Mr. Broza sang his originals by request. Spanish-speaking fans requested songs in Spanish. Hebrew speaking fans requested songs in Hebrew. Everybody requested songs in English. I couldn’t understand 99.9% of the lyrics but his guitar spoke a universal language. The camaraderie was amazing. The night ended screaming the lyrics to a very political song called “Jerusalem.” I felt so free to be me in a sea of people nothing like me.

David Broza


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