In The City- Julianna’s Crepes & Coffee


Saturday I was invited out for breakfast. In the south, breakfast is usually hearty- eggs, meat, biscuits, and something starchy. I wanted to do something different.

I had to be in Inman Park, so I did a search to see what was in the vicinity. Having an ultimate sweet tooth and an affinity for caffeine, I chose Julianna’s Crepes & Coffee.

The menu is not extensive, the place is quaint. Catercorner from the Krog Street Market, Julianna’s is on a corner near a residential district. If not for the red awning poking out, you could drive right past it.

It’s not the largest place, but the atmosphere is cozy and perfect for good coffee and conversation in the morning.

The menu is divided into sweet and savory. Boasting handpicked farm to table ingredients, the food is amazing! The price point is also perfection. Enjoy a simple cup of coffee with your crepe. It was nice to eat a place that was not pretentious and out of the way of the normal hustle and bustle of the Atlanta restaurant lifestyle.


Atlanta can be a place full of people wanting to be seen and finding a place like Julianna’s was refreshing.  The vibe was chill, no rush to eat and enjoy your food. Simplicity at its finest. The staff was friendly, and the food was wonderful. It’s nice to go out and enjoy the entire experience from the atmosphere to the food (and parking was not a nightmare either!).

Check out Julianna’s Crepes & Coffee.

775 Lake Ave


Inman Park

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