In The City- Southern Belle Farm


Living in the Atlanta, you are caught between two lives- life in the city and life in the country. Easily within fifteen minutes, you could be in the country.

We took a trip out to McDonough to Southern Belle Farm. Not sure what we would find, we were pleasantly delighted to find so much fruit.

Originally wanting to go strawberry picking, we found that strawberries were out of season. There were blackberries and blueberries and peaches. Being in Georgia picking peaches…go figure.


You are given a bucket for the berries. You can pick as many as you would like. A gallon is $12. You are given a bag for the peaches. One gallon is $10.

Southern Belle Farm is a pesticide free farm. You are free to eat as you pick!

Here are a few tips for bringing the family out to pick fresh fruit:

  • Wear closed toe shoes. Sneakers, rubber soled and sturdy. You are on a farm where there is dirt, mud, and insects.
  • Put on sunscreen. There is not much shade! Wear a straw hat or sun protectant. Long sleeved shirts are helpful as well.
  • Caution if you are allergic to bugs and the elements! Remember it is a farm! There were bees in the orchard when we picked peaches. The sweet fruit on the ground attracts bees and ants.
  • Be patient. You have to search the plants and trees for your fruit. Don’t come out prepared to rush through the process. If you have cranky little ones, you may want to leave them at home.

We enjoyed ourselves, although we were melting in the Georgia sun!

Take a look at the pics.

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~Tamara and Hilda


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