In The City- Tybee Island, GA

I’ve been living in Georgia for 20 years and had never been down to the coast. Unacceptable. So after choosing a day to drive down, I was so very happy that I did.

From Atlanta, it’s around a four hour drive. Mind you, there is nothing to look at on the ride. Once you hit I-16, there is nothing but rural country. Peach orchards and onion farms. A city girl like me likes a little scenery, but anyway.

Being in Atlanta, I miss the water. There are nothing but man made lakes- as well as a man made beach (that’s another story). I love nothing more than palms trees, humidity, and the feel of sand between my toes.

Tybee Island is a barrier island near Savannah. After driving through the streets lined with Spanish Moss, we took the highway straight out to the island.


Our first stop was the visitor’s center. I like to stop at a visitor’s center when I go someone new so I can get some details on things like special attractions, things that the locals like, and parking. The lady there was so very friendly. She gave me all the information that we needed as well as some tips on when the best time was to visit the island and things to do in Savannah since I’d never been.


We went to North Beach. It was just plain out closer to where we entered the island. Parking was $4 for the entire day. We were lucky to find a spot right at the entrance to the beach.

Complete with towels, beach blankets, and beach toys, we set off to the beach ready to soak up some sun.


The cost for the trip was one of the best parts. About $40 in gas (fill up going and on the return trip) and $4 for parking. We packed a cooler full of drinks, snacks, and sandwiches. There was plenty to eat there at the beach and of course over the bride in Savannah. But for the purpose of a quick day trip to escape every day life in Atlanta, this trip fell well under budget. A quick getaway is always well worth it.

This time, we went simply to hang out on the beach. Next time, we have a few hot spots we want to make sure we check out. We can’t wait to go back to Tybee!




Tybee Island Visitor Center

Tybee Island General Info


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