To Enhance or To Transform – Why We Wear Makeup

If you go to YouTube right now you can find at least eight trillion tutorials on applying makeup. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but you get my point. There are a lot of makeup videos. I watch some and I am amazed how a simple technique can make a huge difference in how someone looks. Never having been a big makeup person, I am often times left in awe of how these artists (yes, it’s that level of talent) can enhance a woman’s face and take her from beautiful to gorgeous. But for every make over that leaves me in awe, there is one that leaves me in shock. Those are the ones that go far beyond enhancing a woman’s face to completely transforming it.

I realize that everyone isn’t like me, I have no concern for “slaying” with my makeup. Yes, I want to be seen as attractive just like every other woman does, but if it requires a complete transformation then you can count me out. My everyday face consists of a little mascara and a great lip color. If it’s a special occasion, I’ll add eye liner and maybe a little face powder…maybe. Now if you search through my Facebook photos, you’ll certainly find one or two occasions where I was sporting professionally done makeup. One was for a photo shoot and the other an awards show. And OMG, I couldn’t wait to get home and wash my face. All those layers felt like I was toting weights around on my face. It was way too much for me. However, I recognize that I am more likely the exception than the rule. After all, the cosmetics industry rakes in over 55 billion dollars a year (damn I’m in the wrong business!).

beauty corner

Now before you jump down my throat, I understand that there are a multitude of skin conditions that women (and men) want to cover. For many, makeup is a God send. We all have skin issues, but for some they are more severe and I wouldn’t dare criticize them for using anything or going to any lengths to make themselves feel comfortable. But for those that have practically blemish free skin and still cake on layer after layer, I ask why? There is one YouTube professional who is absolutely gorgeous, but by the time she finishes her makeup she is damn near unrecognizable. Sure her face looks great, it just doesn’t look like it belongs to her. She is by no means the only one. I see women on social media that will post a picture with more of a natural look and it’s gorgeous. Then later I see a picture with ten pounds of makeup on and instead of accentuating their looks, they’ve detracted from them.

I asked a couple of my male colleagues what they think of women and cosmetics and the feedback was unanimous. They all said that a little makeup is okay, but caked on makeup is a complete turn off. One of the gentlemen remarked, “I don’t want to lay down with a woman and then wake up to a stranger simply because she washed her face.” Something tells me that if we took a poll more men would feel this way than not.

Yes, we all want to accentuate the positive, cover the negative, and remain ageless for all time. My goal is not to keep you from purchasing or wearing cosmetics. After all, I live and die by Neutrogena skin care products, love a good mascara, and am literally addicted to lip color. I have an entire vanity drawer dedicated to lipstick. I am, however, trying to get women to take a moment and look in the mirror at their gorgeous naked faces. Find the beauty within and realize that you don’t need makeup to be beautiful. Use it to accentuate the positive because I promise that you have far more positives than you do flaws. You are beautiful!


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