Blog Rewind- Things My Mother Told Me About Dating

Mother/ Daughter relationships can be a touchy subject. If you had a solid relationship with your mother, appreciate that gem. But for those of you that did not, or never got the pleasure of growing up with your mother and having Girl Talk, here is a post that is just for you!!     Click... Continue Reading →

Life and the Pursuit of Happiness 

"I am not defined by my ability to find a husband, have children, or by the number of degrees I have." I remember when I was little and my friends and I would play fun games.  These games were fun but gave me some insight about how my life will be one day. The fortune... Continue Reading →

A Family Relationship Is EVERYTHING!

"Family is a breath of fresh air.  Family is peaceful when it’s honest. Family is irreplaceable. Family is the strength of communities." Loving, supportive, competitive, and complicated are commons words I read and hear across social media when people talk about their families. These days, families are communicating using screens and keys. I love the... Continue Reading →

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