Monday Motivation- Living In The Moment

Monday Motivation

How often do you live in the present moment? Right now. This second. Not thinking about what happened before or thinking about what you would like to happen. Being focused on what is around you in this very moment. Not thinking about where you would like to be.

Society encourages us to focus on and set goals. Always moving forward. And to some degree, that is totally necessary. But what if you lived in the current moment and savored it? What if you appreciated where you are right now?

Some of us spend a lot of time on the “shoulda, coulda, woulda”. There is nothing you could change about a time that is already passed. And likewise, even when the memory is good, continuously living in that memory takes away from your ability to live today and make a new memory.

Focusing on tomorrow is great. Having goals is wonderful. But having tunnel vision to tomorrow won’t make tomorrow any better. If you are always living for tomorrow, you forget that today can be just as wonderful.

Take a moment to pay attention to the little things. The small triumphs of the day will help you to be happier in the moment. Constantly recalling yesterday leaves you feeling empty about living in the present. Being hyperfocused on tomorrow leaves you full of anxiety and hopelessness about today and all of those feelings are unnecessary. Today can be filled with joy and contentment if you take the experience for what it is.

Breathe. Remind yourself that today is just as important as yesterday’s memory and tomorrow’s goals.


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