Trump Won…Black People Should Wake The Hell Up

Huff Post

Trump won the election. Black people (and people of color), it’s time for you to wake the hell up. And because of that win, I have proof positive that I can be any freaking thing that I want in life, even if I don’t qualify.

I’m not exactly sure when America will get out of the Matrix, but for the next few years, we will just have to deal. Now is the time to suck it up, quit crying and complaining, and find a solution. Because although I was not happy with the outcome of this election, there is a silver lining.

Black people can no longer hit the snooze button on life and expect the POTUS to take care of things. It’s time for us to start taking care of our own backyard. Because when politicians talk about making America great again, they aren’t talking to you.

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