Don’t let winter blues ruin your happy hands and feet!

Living in Chicago, winter is the worst on our hands and feet. Don’t let the season take away from time caring for your precious nails.  Often, we slam our hands and feet in thick gloves and boots and forget to take extra care to stay smooth and soft throughout the brutal season in Chicagoland.

I’ve been guilty of not taking the time to massage thicker lotion into my hands and feet after hand washes, long drives and commutes to and from work. Old man winter and the hawk has no sympathy on the Windy City. As we Chicagoans go about our daily lives embracing the inevitable; snow, ice, and cold wind for at least 3 months, let’s not be taken down with dry and cracked skin.

Here’s a roundup of tips to stay soft and smooth:


  1. Stock up on your favorite hand creams.
satin hands – hand cream


Leave one at work, place one close to your favorite relaxing spot at home, and in the handy compartments of your car.

  1. Keep a bottle of cuticle oil handy
Cutical Oil


Pick a time of day to put a few drops on your cuticle.

  1. Buy a cuticle pusher.
cuticle pusher


Gently pushing your cuticle back once a week helps growth not only in the winter but throughout the year.

  1. Buy a 3-way buffer for your nails. It’s easy to use.


3 -way buffer



  1. Before bed, load your feet with a thick lotion and wear a pair of white socks.

If you don’t like wearing socks to bed, it’s ok. It still helps.

  1. Buy a pumice bar to control your callused heels.
Pumice bar


It’s ok to have a little defense on your feet but a mild daily scrub helps keep things smooth. Besides, you don’t want to tear up your sheets or your partner’s skin.



If you’re like me, I don’t get a manicure or pedicure as much in the winter. If you stay on your mani/pedi game throughout the winter, bless you.  You’re awesome!

If you have any questions or concerns about your precious hands and feet, feel free to tweet me on Twitter  or hit me up on Instagram

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