Am I Looking Forward to 2017?


2017 will mark the  30th year of life for me. Needless to say, I am absolutely dreading it. I’m not having a big party (as I have always envisioned) because my money is STILL funny  and if I can’t do it epically (new word I made up) then I don’t want to do it at all and I’m not going to some awesome tropical island to lay on the beach as some gorgeous,bearded, adonis of a man hand feeds me grapes. Nope, none of that. Matter of fact, I’ll probably head into 2017 depressed as hell about this 30th year deal. Please, save the “you’re blessed to see 30.” I’m aware of this.

I am not running into 2017 with a lot of expectations for the year. I had some good shit happen this year in 2016 and some bad shit. It’s life and I’m pretty much expecting the same out of 2017. I refuse to set any of those new year resolutions or any “New me, new goals.” I have an awfully bad habit of procrastinating and not getting things done and that just shuts me down on the goal attaining. Sorry, if I’m not much of an optimist here. I’m a little closer to reality, well at least my reality, with a bit of pessimistic attitude thrown in there.

So,  I’m neither looking forward or from 2017. Either way, it’ll be here in about a week. Whether I like it or not. But hey, God bless all of you in this upcoming year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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