In 2017, I’m looking forward to embracing CHANGE!

Living in 2016 taught me how to release the right amount energy to achieve goals. After midnight on December 31, 2015, I knew the year would be something to remember. Why? Because I was turning 50 in six months. My plans were to live life to the fullest and embrace whatever challenges in my path.

I wrote goals and tape them to the front door of my condo. My goals were vague in January. By February, I wrote more detail goals on separate cards. For some reason, I thought they looked better hanging out individually on note cards instead of a big sheet of paper.

March, April, and May came and went.  I wrote blog posts often and fast with my heart slinging in the wind. My sense of feeling hid behind the words I typed in poetry. My blog topics were masquerading a year with no real plans for change.

June 21 rapidly approached. My energy was high. Everything should be perfect, not because I had a plan but for reasons that far exceed rationale. Turning Fifty was supposed to magically set me on the right path. A path that was meant for my personal development. As the year progressed, my best goal was to achieve a healthier eating lifestyle. I did that. It felt great until I realized mental health is equally important.

On July 20, I told my heart to beat and reset for the rest of the year. I had less than six months to kick ass in the change game. After 5 months of walking in hope and faith, I decided to refocus my energy in a community of people striving for the same change I desire. A change that has more to do with preparing myself to communicate with purpose.

Changing my mindset by writing a new script that’s open ended is my only goal for 2017. My 2017 plot is to observe myself from the inside and then project an image that will attract people looking for the same positive change. No matter the angle, the lenses will capture a woman ready to take on change and challenges with mind, body, and spirit intact.

Here are a few specific affirmations for 2017 I’m looking forward to:

• Never give up after failures

• Stay true to myself

• Forgive myself when things don’t go as planned

• Stand up for my beliefs, values and morals

• Live life to the fullest by not fearing doing something different

• Commit to positive change

• Communicate my thoughts and feeling as much as being a good listener

• Continue to build positive relationships; especially with my CLS blog sisters

• Learn to accept love without fear

Here’s a Poemstory to kickoff 2017:

My honey coated SKIN, FULL LIPS, KINKY HAIR got me feeling…

by crys2sana

Wake up.

Stand up.

Lay down.

My skin remains brown.

Honey coated skin.

Forgive me melanin.

I’m just trying to fit in.

Glow. Skin. Glow.

From my full lips words, utter intelligence.

MY lips. Full. Kissed by the sun.

Oh ME.

They stare at brown skin.

From lips, I breathe.

Breathe the air my skin receives.

My lips.

My brown skin.


Sun kissed.

I breathe through my full lips.

They curl. Twirl. Twist like the strands on my head.

Kinky hair.

My kinky hair protects my thoughts.

My thoughts want to be free from judgement.

I’m just trying to fit in.

Honey coated, full, kinky.

My skin. My lips. My hair.

No apologies.

winter                                                              Let me be free to be me.

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