In the City: Busboys and Poets

Last week I had the opportunity to try a new restaurant in Washington, DC. It is called Busboys and Poets. My cousin recommended that I check them out and after going, I  see why she did. The place boasts positive energy and love, according to our server. They offer a host of food options. There are vegan and vegetarian options like vegan quesadillas and falafel sandwiches. And for those that are into the healthy options, there is regular food on the menu as well. 

Bacon cheeseburger and fries

I decided to try the tuna and avocado sandwich. My kiddos decided on burgers and fries. My daughter opted for the turkey burger. Even though I had my own plate, I tried her burger and liked it. 

Tuna and avocado sandwich with sweet potato fries

Although I had an overall positive experience, there was some need for improvement on the customer service side of the experience.  My food came out lukewarm and I had to ask for silverware after the food arrived.  I later found out that I didn’t go to the restaurant with the best experience in town. Well, now I know. 
Despite this minor issue, the restaurant is definitely a popular establishment in the area. When you walk in, you will find a small bookstore that houses books for the conscious reader.  The staff are friendly and upbeat. And it is obvious that people love to spend time there. 

Next time you visit the DC area,  be sure to check them out! 


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