At the root of it all, like for real, when you get down to the very bare minimum and the basics, we’re all out here just trying to be loved. Unfortunately, a lot of us….too many of us are going about it….finding love..the wrong way. Shit is powerful when you think about it. What DRIVES you? No, not material things, not money, not anything that is tangible but something that is solid and real. LOVE. In whatever way and however that may look to you.  Think about it, when you’re SURE that you’re loved and you possess it, you’re unstoppable right? Boasting with confidence right? Chest puffed up and out. Now, think about it when you doubt that love. That confidence wavers. Doubt creeps in. You start scrambling, looking for it in other things and people. Looking to fill that void of something so essential in life. LOVE. But it’s  never pure if its forced, faked or bought. It’s never satisfying if it’s a one way street. Keep love, real love in your heart and on your side.



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