Ready…Set..Your Intentions


Insanity is defined by doing the same thing over and over again and then expecting different results.

There is truth to that statement, yet so many of us find ourselves cycling through these patterns doing things the same way. Then we end up defeated or upset when the outcome is no different.

So why do we inflict that kind of pain on ourselves?

It’s what I call being comfortable in your own dysfunction. You prefer to stay where you are at because you know what it is, versus make any changes because the change is unknown energy.

But what sense does that make when what you are currently getting or receiving is not serving you?

Change is difficult. It’s not always comfortable. And to be honest, it requires work and effort and a change in mindset.

And some of us can’t change that mindset. If we did, we could no longer be the victim. We could no longer blame other people for the reason why things don’t work out for us. We could no longer avoid our own flaws. We could no longer carry around the hurt and pain that allows us to lash out and hurt other people.

Good news.

It only takes one step to change the insanity.

Intention setting.

Decide what you want and go for it.

What do you intend for your life to look like? Can you see it?

Intention setting involves having a clear purpose or plan. You have to be very clear. And to be honest, for you (myself included) control freaks out there, you have to release the intentions to the Universe and let the work be done. That part may be difficult, but there is much work for you to do as well.

How do you set your intentions?

  • Decide what is you want
  • Clearly state what you want or desire. Writing it or speaking it is best
  • Define what it takes to get the thing you desire
  • Meditate, pray on the situation until it becomes clear in your mind

Simple enough? Kind of.

You can set intentions daily.  Today I will not worry. Today I will not be rude to my coworker. Today I will focus on my own self care. Today I will use a calm voice when speaking to others. 

You can set long term intentions as well. We see this often with vision boards.  In the next six months, I will start a new job and change my career. In the next twelve months, I will move. 

It is also best to set intentions regularly. So many of us try to do it only at New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. But intention setting is best on your birthday and as well with each new moon cycle.

Your words and your mind are powerful. Imagine what your life would look like if you took control. set your intentions, and lived the life that you want?

Take a moment out now to set your intentions for the next week. 



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