Just Another Manic Monday

Sometimes I feel like there needs to be at least two more of me. And even then, I feel like I may only be able to get done only half of what’s on my To Do list.

By the time my day ends, I’m looking at the list and wondering how on earth I thought I could get all of that stuff done successfully.


I don’t. I cross off many things, but for everything I cross off, there are still a bunch of things still on the list. At this point, I no longer feel bad about that. There was a time when my overachieving control freak self felt like I had to get all of it done and that I needed to do it well.  Now, I certainly don’t anymore.

Hilda and I were talking the other day and we were both saying how it’s only March but we’re tired. The one thing that she pointed out was that as parents, this is the end of the school year, so it feels exhausting even though it’s only March. That made a lot of sense.

On top of the kids and school, I have to manage myself. Career, goals, aspirations, and all. And we have not even discussed personal time.

So many days I just end up feeling worn out. I have plans for phone calls, but as I put my youngest to sleep, I often end up asleep myself. Waking up hours later to find that all of the lights in the house are still on and that I never put the laundry from the washer into the dryer.

It’s life though, right?

And as I try and catch my breath in that 20 minute window of quiet I get while I wait in the car riders line for my youngest, I realize that it’s just another manic Monday.  Tuesday will soon follow and I’ll wake up and some way, some how have gotten through my To Do list and I’ll be okay.

Especially if there is an iced caramel latte involved.



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