From the Kitchen to the Bathroom: How Coconut Oil Has Become a Staple in My Home 

I guess it’s been a good five years (maybe more than that) since I began to explore the various uses of coconut oil.

In my quest for more natural living practices, this one seemed to be very practical and beneficial for my family and I.

Today, I keep a container in my bathroom and another in the kitchen. Now, some people may have adverse reactions to the oil as it is nut based, however, if your body is able to tolerate the oil, it may be something worth adding to your kitchen and bathroom staple.

Here are the different ways that I use coconut oil:

In the kitchen:

  • Great for cooking and baking – I have added coconut oil to various recipes. My favorite granola recipe is made with coconut oil. I have substituted the oil for butter in my pancake recipe. And even used it in lieu of olive oil for browning ground turkey for dishes that require oil. There is a good bit of mixed reviews as to whether this oil is as healthy as many think. From my research, I have concluded that it’s okay to consume, in moderation, of course.

In the bathroom:

  • Make up remover – Instead of purchasing a liquid eye makeup remover, I now put a smsll dab of coconut oil on a cotton ball to take off eyeliner and mascara at night.
  • Hair moisturizer – It serves as a great light moisturizer after styling my hair.
  • Skin moisturizer – In an effort to reduce my exposure to different additives in body products, I use coconut oil to moisturize my body after a shower and my hands after handwashing. During the winter months, it doesn’t work as well due to cold temperatures so I will add it to a thicker moisturizer (like shea butter) to keep my skin hydrated during the season.  Keep in mind that this moisturizer is best for the hands and feet since the skin is tougher and thicker.

Our resident esthetician, Tamara, advises women to avoid the hype of using coconut oil on the face as it is comodogenic (causes blackheads and clogs pores).  To moisturize the face, the best oils are grape seed and/or apricot oils.

Also, avoid the use of coconut oil to moisturize the face as it is an extension of the face.  Olive oil is a great oil that can be used on the face and scalp.

I have not had the courage to try oil pulling yet. It seems like my mouth will feel gross afterwards. Plus noone has yet to tell me my breath stinks so for now I’ll stick with

Remember to always refer to reputable sources for health and beauty information.  We are bombarded with so much information that it can be confusing to know what is right or best for our bodies.



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