Faery Tales

As a kid, I remember being obsessed with Tinkerbell. I think I dressed as her like three years in a row.  As an adult, reading the story, I see Tinkerbell in a whole other light. As a kid, I loved the way she floated around, sprinkling faery dust, and in my mind, helping others.

As an adult, I can see that she was temperamental and wasn’t always doing the right thing in every situation.  Most faeries are like that. Passionate. One side full of love and this desire to carry out this work that they have to do, the other side is full of attitude and intent on getting her way.

Faeries are these mythical and mysterious creatures. They are magic and possess a something that people are drawn to and amazed by.

They are a ton of energy packed in this tiny body.

Lord knows that I’m enamored by fairy tales, but there is a reason why you are drawn to the things (or the people) that you are drawn to.

I see a lot of myself in these creatures.

As a learn to walk fully in who I am, I’m okay with being a faery. I’m okay with the fact that I some days I’m full of love and that is the message that I spread. Some days, I am a tempest, a quiet storm.  Either way, it all stems from a passion that is innate inside of me.

I had to get to the point where I no longer felt the need to need to hide anything. I am an intuitive Starchild who spreads a message of love and light. Do I always have it together? No. Do I always get this thing called Life right? No.

I am flawed. I am not perfect.  I may not always know the answers.

What I do know….

I am comfortable being who I am.

And I pray that more people, especially women, get to the point where they too are comfortable with who they are.

It does not mean that you make excuses for your dysfunctional qualities. Those things that you need to acknowledge and change. It means that you learn to understand your place in this world and how you connect with others. It means that you no longer wrap your acceptance of yourself up in whether or not someone else accepts you. It means that on the days when there is no one else cheering for you, you cheer for your damn self. It means that when you look in the mirror, you are at peace with the reflection staring back. It means that when you describe yourself as a hippie Starchild, other people that know you (that really truly know you) look at you and shrug because that information is nothing new to them.

It means….

that if your job in this Universe is to go around and sprinkle a little faery dust here and there, you do it and never doubt yourself.

I will say that getting to that place is a journey. You will have people question you and doubt you. There will be people who don’t know how to deal with all of the changes you will make and the person that you will become.

Just know that after the caterpillar emerges from the cocoon, someone always has an appreciation for the beauty of a butterfly.

You, my dear, are magic.


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