Don’t let winter blues ruin your happy hands and feet!

Living in Chicago, winter is the worst on our hands and feet. Don’t let the season take away from time caring for your precious nails.  Often, we slam our hands and feet in thick gloves and boots and forget to take extra care to stay smooth and soft throughout the brutal season in Chicagoland. I’ve... Continue Reading →

Blog Rewind: Everyone Should Have A Fall Back Career

After another full weekend of getting things done, it hit me.  My mom had the best fall back career talents. She managed to make ends meet doing things she loved. I had an a-ha moment and thought I should do the same. I researched the requirements to become a licensed nail technician and was lucky to... Continue Reading →

Beauties and Books: An Evening with Stacey Covington-Lee

"We shared stories that demonstrated the strength and courage of women that learn from  experiences of the past and forge their own path." Saturday night was an amazing evening full of adult conversation and fun!  Several ladies gathered at B. Fulton's Beauty Lounge to meet author, Stacey Covington-Lee and get a sneak peek into some... Continue Reading →

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