Blogging about blogging!

“I’m on a mission to keep writing for reasons that far exceed my thoughts and the keys on my laptop.”

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Here are four reasons to follow a community of bloggers:

  1. Blogging is storytelling
  1. Blogging is teaching
  1. Blogging is sharing
  1. Blogging is inspirational

I’ve always believed to write, your imagination needs to far exceed paranormal. Naming your piece of work had to be so phenomenal; people would image a person with super powers. In the past, I wrote a lot and hid my scribble from view. There were times my mind was nimble. I found myself chasing the words. My creativity in words told stories of a writer seeking approval.

Today, I find myself writing to gain a sense of belonging. I want readers to feel they resonate with topics. When we read, we are easily distracted with alerts from multiple social websites, the buzzing of our smart gadgets to let us know that it’s time to run to a meeting, connect with friends, have quick conversations and remind us to complete an important task. Blogging helps me to stay focused on sharing and simply having fun communicating with people near and far.

We all hope to learn when we read. Picking up a book has become fuzzy in the world of the internet. We are loading our gadgets with 100’s of books we’re not even sure will be interesting enough to complete. Don’t get me wrong, a good book will always be the best break away from a hectic day. Blogging satisfies the need for instant gratification. Reading, commenting and sharing great blog posts positively add to the experience of bloggers. Having a great community feel is enriching and empowering.

In life, we’re told to set goals, accomplish them and don’t be afraid to fail. My primary goal is to be known for not being afraid to dream out loud, persuade others to share what makes them happy or sad, and laugh more. I’m on a mission to keep writing for reasons that far exceed my thoughts and the keys on my laptop. I want to shift my goals to accomplishments and life lessons. I want to dream about a blogging experience that changes my way of thinking about the future.

Blogging is “real talk.” Blogging is what I like to call “keeping it real.” It’s everything you need to find purpose in a world of information seeking and building relationships. Bloggers are inspired by digging deep into personal and professional experiences, then sharing those experiences with the public. The ultimate goal is to find some comradery and passionate followers seeking information and a place to call home in cyber-world.

Feel free to get some “real talk” on Caramel Lattes and Stilettos blog!  See you there!




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