Relationship Roundtable- I’m Dating My Friend’s Ex

I met a guy that I really like. We connected immediately and both began dating. He told me that he briefly dated a close friend of mine once he happened to see a picture of my friend and I on my FB page. Briefly was a few dates and sex once when they were freshman in college. We are now 35 and she says that she has no interest in him- she has a boyfriend and a strong relationship with him- and he says that he has no interest in her, but that he thought that I should know. My question is, should I continue to date him and how can I make sure the situation is not awkward when we are all together?


From the Male POV ~CJ

Honestly, as a 35 year old woman,  you shouldn’t concern yourself with freshmen year drama. If you like this guy then accept that they dated FIFTEEN YEARS AGO and move on. Don’t subconsciously sabotage the relationship by getting caught up on something that is a non-factor to them but is a big deal to you because you’ll look insecure and immature to harp on something that happened FIFTEEN YEARS AGO.
Situations will never be awkward if you:
1) let go of freshman year drama
2) focus more on establish a new unique relationship that is unique to you two. She nor any other women will be a blip on his radar if you take the time to get to know him and his interests and how you two can establish a unique dynamic.

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