Summertime Inspiration

I love summer like I love poetry.  And the obvious, I was born on the first day of summer. June is my favorite month of the year.

Nikki Giovanni is one of my favorite poets.

Here’s a poem she wrote about summer:

Knoxville Tennessee

by Nikki Giovanni

I always like summer


you can eat fresh corn

From daddy’s garden

And okra

And greens

And cabbage

And lots of


And buttermilk

And homemade ice-cream

At the church picnic

And listen to

Gospel music


At the church


And go to the mountains with

Your grandmother

And go barefooted

And be warm

All the time

Not only when you go to bed

And sleep


Here’s my summer poem:

Easy Breezy Summer

by Crystal Tousana

Summer breeze on my skin



I Glow

Fresh air blowing through my window

Air calm

It’s inviting

Fresh flowers bloom

Leaves hang from trees

Greenest grass

Feet breathe a sigh of relief

Sleep with Sun Tea

Charcoal on my grill

Wood chips burn

Laughter in the air

Picnic flow

Food everywhere

Music in the air

We dance

Sundress flow


Smiling from my eyes

Summer is born

I lay in the sun

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