Christopher McBride & The Whole Proof-Jazzin at Andy’s Jazz Club Chicago

A soulful and jazz saxophonist; Chicago native,Christopher McBride  & The Whole Proof treats a packed audience at Andy’s Jazz Club with a night of phenomenal and melodic sounds.

At promptly 9:30p.m., on a beautiful Friday evening in Chicago Downtown’s River North, Mr. McBride and his band steps on stage with the best instruments to groove to after a long work week. The band generously plays from the heart. Their music feels smart, warm, energetic, and good.

Christopher McBriide 2.jpg

The sounds and beats tell a story of a music genius with life and love. Mr. McBride’s family and friends showed up strong and cheering the band with warm and proud smiles. He is loved. The energy in the room is positive and high-spirited.

McBride’s stories settle into the beats and sounds like the flow of water and an easy breeze. I felt the magic as saxophonist Christopher McBride, Trumpeter JS Williams, Pianist Joey Skoch, Bassist Ivan Taylor, and Drummer Gregory Artry sounds meld together and release into solos throughout the night. We were treated to a premier of “Rum and Coke,” an intense and warm gift of “PTSD,” and “Black Lives Matter” songs among an array of music that kept our heads bopping, fingers snapping, hands swaying and feet tapping.

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Often times, I stopped clapping with the fear of throwing the pianist off beat as I sat arm’s length of the keys. Thank you Joey Skoch for crossing my eyes trying to keep up with your amazing piano work. Perhaps Andy’s Jazz Club Sangria had my eyes focused to intently.

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Andy’s Jazz club is a perfect venue for an intimate viewing of artists with passion and love of music. Christopher McBride & The Whole Proof didn’t disappoint. I’m proud to have witnessed a bright future and look forward to hearing more from Christopher McBride & The Whole Proof. And yes, they are proof music is healing.

Let’s support artists helping make the world relax, enjoy, and escape together in harmony!

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Do yourself a favor and go to the following link and download music by Christopher McBride & The Whole Proof:

Christopher McBride’s music app


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