In The City- Tybee Island, GA

I've been living in Georgia for 20 years and had never been down to the coast. Unacceptable. So after choosing a day to drive down, I was so very happy that I did. From Atlanta, it's around a four hour drive. Mind you, there is nothing to look at on the ride. Once you hit... Continue Reading →

Tithes And Offerings- What Happens When You Don’t Give Your 10%?

"Giving is not like it was back in the day when your grandmother spent all her time at church and did what the pastor told her." Back in the day, I use to hear a lot of men complain to their wives about giving the pastor all of their hard earned money. Men went to... Continue Reading →

Soulful Chicago Book Fair

On a Saturday, July 16, 2016, I attended the Soulful Chicago Book fair on Chicago’s south side.  In 2015; Founder, Asadah Kirkland brought over 20 years of experience to create The Soulful Chicago Book Fair . On this beautiful summer afternoon, I had the great pleasure to meet several authors with phenomenal, warm and intense stories... Continue Reading →

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