I’m Not Sorry


“But I chose to own MY truth.”

Cece 3

As a kid my dad would drill into us the importance of always telling the truth. Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth. Honestly, I didn’t always want to hear that because well, lying is easier. At least that’s what you think as a kid. If my dad is anything, he has always been a truth teller. He’s never ever faltered in that. In his 51 years he’s never changed that for anyone. Not a wife, not a child, not for a job, or an occasion.

If you know me, well the me that I am now, I stand in my truth. I’ll tell you the truth. I’ll be honest. It doesn’t benefit myself or anyone else to be otherwise. It took me a very long while to make the decision to make my writings public such as publishing my book, creating my own blog and contributing my work to another blog.


Because I mostly write about what I’ve gone through or someone who I’m close to has experienced. I write about my emotions and feelings and a lot of people wouldn’t want others to know that intimate side of them. But I chose to own MY truth. Whether it’s bad or good. I chose to be un-apologetically me. Also, once I was aware that opinions and likes don’t pay my bills or feed my kids, I stopped checking for those. Sometimes I don’t have a filter. But guess what? That’s a part of me and I’m cool with that. Sometimes I’m vulnerable and that’s okay too. Sometimes I just need to vent. Writing is MY truth, MY therapy and I will not filter, dull or, dumb it down for anyone. I don’t give you permission to try to make me feel any other way but great about MY truth. If you don’t like it or simply can’t handle what I write whether it’s funny, raw, real, sad or happy then please do us both a favor and don’t read it.

I don’t write to be liked. I don’t write to be judged. I don’t write for a monetary value. I write because it is truly my passion and I would do it regardless. I am well aware that by me choosing to create publicly it will come with plenty of likes, dislikes, and opinions and I’m totally okay with that. I’ve learned a lot in my adult years but the most important thing is that I am the only one responsible for my happiness and my peace. God has blessed with the natural ability and gift of writing and I sure do plan on continuing to write. So, just that we’re clear, I’m not sorry about it.

Now, with all of the above being said shall we move forward?! Thank you to those that have always shown support by reading my stuff. Stay tuned for more! And the unfiltered me will now suggest that those of you that struggle with those insecurities, you should handle that and get to basking in your own truth. Quite the liberating experience.
Much love,

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