Why Your Horrible Attitude Keeps You From Getting Ahead



You own your own car, have your own place, are an independent woman, and you’re cute as hell. On the outside, you have it all together. But really, you have a rotating door of friends, you can’t keep a man, you spend a lot of time alone, you can’t figure out why your life isn’t going in the direction that you want it to.

It’s your horrible ass attitude.

Everyone else is not the problem. It’s you. Your life is a manifestation of your own behaviors.

Pessimism, frustration, residue from childhood experiences are all the precise kinds of things that ensure that you maintain that horrible attitude that keeps you from getting ahead.

That opportunity that didn’t pan out? It’s not because it wasn’t right for you. It’s not because it just wasn’t your time. It’s because your attitude is horrible and you are constantly calling missed opportunity and disappointment into your life.

That man who wouldn’t stick around? It’s not because he wasn’t the one or that he isn’t a good man. He’s not the problem. The problem is you. Your vibrations are encouraging an environment where you are calling to you people who are either as broken as you are or pushing away someone who could be good for you.

What if I told you that you could have all of the things that you want in life?

Right now, if you are vibrating around doubt, worry, blame, or encouragement, you probably won’t believe me. And that’s alright. You may be comfortable in your dysfunction right now. When you are ready to break the cycle of never being exactly where you would like to be, you’ll read this post again and it will all just click for you. You’ve already bookmarked the post to read later anyway.

You have the power to change your life. Ever look at someone else and wonder how things flow so simply for them? It’s not that life is miraculously easy for them. It’s not that they are living a charmed life. They aren’t more favored than you. You are simply vibrating lower than they are. Once again, it’s you.

You can change that though. And it can change quickly for you. Here’s how.

  • Gratitude – It’s all the rage right now, but there is something to it. Focusing on what you have versus what you don’t have. Be grateful for what is happening positively in your life. Doing so will feel so good, your negative thoughts will start to feel more foreign to you.
  • Find a space that makes you comfortable – Sometimes anxiety is the thing that keeps you from being in a comfortable space. If you don’t know how to be comfortable and content, you will continue to deal with the anxiety that manifests as worry and doubt and keeps you comfortable with your fears and not with stepping out into a healthy zone.  Meditate, exercise, write.
  • Do the work – See a professional therapist or a life coach. Unlock those unhealthy beliefs that stand in the way of you moving forward in life. An unbiased and objective look at life is good for everyone.

The scale above can help you figure out where you are vibrating. You can decide to step things up and manifest the life you want, or you can continue on through life, just you and your horrible attitude, not getting ahead and living the life you want.

The choice is yours and life is what you make it.


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