Monday Motivation

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The past few years have been a sort of a nightmare for me. Nothing about them went the way that I intended. I had to learn to roll with the way that things were going. It was one of the times that I felt most helpless. Things were snowballing and I had no clue how to stop it.

One thing I had to do was understand that I could not control the way that other people acted. I could only be in charge of myself.

I had to also be aware of energy.

Things got to a point where all I could do was think negatively. The people around me complained as well about any and everything- jobs, relationships, everything. I was in a space that I did not want to be in, but did not know how to get out. It was oh so comfortable for a moment, and then I woke up.

I always sought peace in my life. The problem was, I thought it would come from external sources. I started craving the positive energy. I needed a change. I wanted a change in my life. And the moment I figured out that the peace that I needed did NOT come from somewhere else, I was winning. That hopeless feeling started to go away. It started to feel more distant.

There was so much more to life than being in the space that I was.

I started back doing energy healings and balancing my chakras. I started back flooding my mind with positive messages- even writing messages to myself on sticky notes and sticking them to my bathroom mirror. I set alarms on my phone to remind me to refocus daily and think positively. I had to fight through, but doing so was so well worth it.

What I did not know was that I was consciously raising my vibration. And in doing so, I got rid of the people who whine, complain, and caused me stress. They were replaced by others who were positive, full of good energy and hope, and people who were encouraging on my journey. In turn, I became a help to others on their journey.

I read a quote once that said when you are in the midst of the storm, help someone else. That is what I committed to do. And in doing so, I was able to take the focus off of myself and what I perceived to be my crappy situation, and I was able to 1. start to see my situation differently, and 2. not focus so much on myself and the things in my life that I had no power to change.

Be aware of how you feed your body and how you feed your mind and spirit. Those things make a difference in your mood.

The key is that you decide your mood. You decide how you want to live your life. Check out the list above to figure out what you can do to raise your vibration and what you may be doing that is lowering your vibration.


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