Monday Motivation: Seasons Change

“Maybe the problem is that we see endings as bad things. What if they are the trigger to a new beginning?

What if purging is a renewal?

I’ve come to think of it as just that.”

Living in Atlanta, there is no clear delineation between the seasons. One moment, it’s summer and blazing hot, the next it’s freezing cold. We barely get the chance to enjoy the change in the weather. But there are  seasons, and somehow, we have to know the difference.

How do you recognize the seasons in life? My grandmother used to tell me that we needed to recognize when a season is over and be okay with moving on. I remember in college, there was a friend that I needed to let go of. I had a hard time. Letting go was actually what was best for the friend as well as my situation. I struggled, but I did it. It bothered me for a long time. My grandmother told me that I needed to be okay with the fact that that season was over. And that if it was meant to be, we would cross paths again.

Years later, we did cross paths. The young woman told me that the period of her life in which we met was a trying time for her. But that once she moved on, it was the best thing that she’d ever done in life. She held no resentment in how our friendship ended. I felt slightly better. Moreso because I finally got a chance to know what had happened to her after all of those years.


That lesson was so valuable to me. People normally mistake me for being a cold nonchalant person. Truth is, I’m extremely sensitive. The coat of armor that I wear is protection. If I like you, I give my all, but I’m always apprehensive because people don’t always reciprocate. So I have learned to trim the fat from time to time. Do assessments and make sure that the people around me have purpose and have my best interest at heart.

Maybe the problem is that we see endings as bad things. What if they are the trigger to a new beginning?

What if purging is a renewal?

I’ve come to think of it as just that.

Letting go enables us to be open to so much more. Think of doing a closet clean out. We normally do that in hopes of making room for new clothes. We get rid of things that we may love, but that have no use. Items that we thought were pretty and thought we would use, but we don’t. Maybe that shirt no longer fits, or maybe those pants don’t look the same or are out of style. Either way, they have no use in our wardrobe, but maybe they would be perfect for someone else.

Same as in life. That friend you who has not truly been a friend to you or that you have outgrown, that relationship that you keep reviving but that has been dead for years- Let it go.

Every season when the weather changes, take inventory of your life. Let go of things- and people that no longer serve you.

Lighten your load. You will be thankful for it in the long run.


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