Blog Rewind: Being Black And Gay In America- Part I


A couple of years ago I attended a literary event in Ashville, North Carolina. There was a gentleman there by the name of J’son (Lee) Green. I sat in a seminar he facilitated and had a chance to meet and speak with him afterwards. I found him to be both charming and comical and I was pretty sure that he was gay. I later learned that there was much more to him. J’son graduated from North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Speech Communication. He is a commercial property manager and accomplished writer. J’son was named the 2013 Author of the Year by SGL BOOKLOVERS magazine. Just Tryin’ To Be Loved and How Could My Husband Be Gay? are just a couple if his literary works. I follow him on social media and have grown quite fond of him.

With so much division in our country among gender and racial lines, I couldn’t help but wonder how it all affected a man that fell into both categories. I had questions, very personal questions and was honored when J’son agreed to my interview request. Maybe his story, his life, his answers to my questions will provide a little clarity, a little understanding for all of us.

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