Don’t Let Your Relationships Lauryn Hill You

Lauryn Hill came out with one solid album damn near twenty years ago. And yet, in 2017 she still has promoters booking her for events. It makes me wonder. Why? Of course, her name is a draw, and for those of us that loved every word on The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, I guess there is a percentage that hopes that she shows up, is lucid, and that she can sing the songs that we loved.

The truth?

She is not all the way there. And I’m actually not sure that she ever was. She either does not show up, or she shows up so late she may as well had not come at all. And yet, people keep purchasing tickets to her shows and promoters keep booking venues.

And many of us have relationships that Lauryn Hill us repeatedly.

We love. We’re loyal. And yet we don’t get much, if anything in return. Despite that fact, we stick around, hopeful. Waiting. And nothing changes.

Staying around waiting does not make sense. Not when the evidence is clear. Your relationship has been over, yet you continue to visualize the person that was instead of the person that is. What’s even worse is when you idealize. That person never really was. They give you all that they have capacity to give, and yet you won’t accept that. You stick around begging and expecting for more than they are both willing and have the ability to give you. You were in love with love and tried to take that person you chose and make him or her into something that they never were.

You keep replaying and signing That Thing, transporting yourself back to 1998 when that song felt good and it was brand new. Instead, it’s 2017, the song is old, and although that nostalgia feels good, it’s just that. Nostalgia. Nothing has grown. Nothing is different. It’s simply a thing, frozen in time. A memory that you continue to relive. What if you paid attention to what actually was in this present moment?

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