Sex Therapy ~ The Health Benefits Of Getting It On

~ “So ladies, now is not the time to be prudish. Go and find your physical, emotional and mental health through sexual exploration.”


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There are many people that believe the sole purpose of sexual intercourse is to procreate. Whether you believe that or not, I think we can all agree that pleasure is an amazing side effect of good sex. We were made to enjoy and derive an intense sense of physical satisfaction from sexual intercourse. For those that believe differently, ponder this: the clitoris is the only organ who’s sole purpose is to deliver pleasure. It serves no other function in the female body and has no direct relation to procreation. The majority of women find that the only way to achieve orgasm is through direct stimulation of this pleasure button. Sex also provides more than just physical satisfaction, it is natural part of a loving relationship and is a great way to stay emotionally connected to your partner.

Lets take a moment to examine other benefits of an active sex life. As you may or may not know, there are several health benefits to getting it on. According to, there are seven primary benefits to a good, healthy sex life.

  1. Heart Health – Like other physical activity, good sex is good for the heart. Studies have even shown that as your frequency of orgasms increase, your risk for stroke and heart attack decrease.
  2. Pain Relief – It’s been found that just looking at your sexual partner or photos of strangers that you find sexually attractive can ease pain. For those like myself who suffer from chronic pain brought on by conditions such as sickle cell disease, sexual intercourse releases natural body chemicals that aid in the alleviation of pain. Some have even found that sex aids in the relief of menstrual cramps (I’m going to let y’all have that one).
  3. Less stress – Good, healthy sex offers the same soothing effect as sugary comfort foods. So put down the donuts and go tackle your man. Not only will he appreciate it, but you’ll maintain that healthy physique.
  4. Cancer Prevention – Research has shown that men who have active sex lives lower their risk for prostate cancer. So go on women, take one for the team and help keep your man healthy.
  5. Better Sleep – Though scientists aren’t exactly sure how or why sex improves sleep, we all know that it does. If you find yourself battling with insomnia, jump his bones, make sure it’s good, satisfying sex and you’re sure to sleep like a baby.
  6. Better Mood – Ever wonder why you’re in such a good mood after sex? Well there are actual biochemical reasons that you can thank for that sense of joy. Not only do the neurotransmitters that are released during good, healthy sex contribute to your happiness, but there are mood enhancers in the semen itself.
  7. Glowing Skin – It’s not just a myth, that “morning after glow” is very real. Sex can even help you look younger. For that, you can thank the combination of stress relief, improved mood and of course, that increased blood flow that naturally occurs under that skin during stimulation.

There are a few more benefits to having good sex such as it’s ability to lower blood pressure, boosts immunity, helps women with bladder control. I could go on, but do we really need more reasons to partake of this naturally satisfying activity?

For those that are not in committed relationships but still want to indulge, well you’re grown and can make your own decisions. The benefits of good sex apply to you just as they do everyone else. However, I encourage you to let condoms be your very best friends. For those that are single and not ready to mingle, you too can enjoy many of the aforementioned benefits through self pleasure. There are a multitude of oils, lubes and toys that you can use to reach that oh so healthy sexual satisfaction. Not to mention, when you do find Mr. Right you’ll be able to tell him exactly what turns you on.

So ladies, now is not the time to be prudish. Go and find your physical, emotional and mental health through sexual exploration. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure that you were meant to have. I promise you, your mate will appreciate the extra attention. Remember, condoms are our friends and there’s nothing wrong with self exploration.

Stacey Covington-Lee

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