When your Boss at work is a…..evil Bitch!!!

~”Don’t be afraid of expressing valid concerns about your manager.”

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I have worked many jobs and had many different employers. I have experienced working with great managers and working with horrible ones. However, I always conducted myself in a professional manner except for that one time I got fired for my actions! (We won’t go into detail about that, it was my fault!… I use to have a bad temper and that’s all I’m going to say about that.) Anyway, everyone loves to come to work and do their job when they are working for someone who is fair, nice, express their appreciation, and provide incentives for doing a job well done. However, those managers that are completely evil, hateful, jealous, insecure, or power struck are the worst people to work with. How do you deal with managers like that? Well, I am about to tell you some very useful information that has always worked for me!


First, make sure you are doing what you are supposed to do at your job, it will be hard to prove your point when you are not a good employee. Sometimes, we have to check ourselves first before we begin to complain to Human Resources. For example, I had an ex-coworker that would complain about how bad she was being treated on the job, but she was extremely lazy and rude to outside customers and patients. It was hard for anyone to value her complaints because her work ethic was horrible. Therefore, she continued to be treated the same way until she eventually got fired. So if that is you, work on yourself first and do a better job, then hopefully your manager will see your progress and things will change into a more positive direction.

However, if you are doing your best at work pay attention to these following tips:

Every company has an employee manual. Please read your employee manual because you do have rights within your workplace. Review the manual and pull out anything that pertains to how your manager is treating you. For example if your manager is creating a hostile environment, find documentation in your employee handbook that provides information against those actions. Upper management will have to respect you when you throw their rules back up in their face; how can they disagree with their own rules. Another example may involve your manager treating you different from the other employees. Provide examples of different situations that proves your manager is expressing favoritism. Finally, when you present your issues do not focus on complaining or expressing how much your manager sucks! Keep the conversation professional and try to find resolutions to fix the issues between you and your manager.

Now, I suggest to have a sit down with your manager first and communicate the issues that you are dealing with. However, sometimes that doesn’t work and you have to go over your manager’s head or to human resources to express your concerns and issues without your manager retaliating against you. Once human resources document your concerns, they have to speak with your manager and provide time for her/him to resolve the issues. The situation would be wonderful if everyone in the office had an issue with the manager and all presented the issues together, but we know it is hard for people to stick together when it comes to their livelihood. Therefore, be assertive in standing alone with your issues and concerns.

Don’t be afraid of expressing valid concerns about your manager. You are at work for the majority of the day, so it should not be spent in a horrible environment; it is a slave mentality to think otherwise. Know your worth and be confident in your presentation of concerns. You will not lose your job by trying to resolve issues with your manager. Continue to stay professional, and document everything. Pray about the situation and let it go, I promise you that you will succeed and come out on top in this situation.

Stay Tuned for my next topic on why some managers are evil bitches!!


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