Recipe- Broccoli Au Gratin

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I’m always looking for new things to cook. Problem is, whenever I see a recipe, it always needs to be tweaked to the way that my family would like it. Most recipes only call for salt and pepper- no other seasonings! That always amazes me.

I saw this recipe in my email inbox (yes, I have them emailed to me) and I figured that it has everything in it that my kids like, so why not try it out. Turned out pretty good. Check out the recipe below.

It’s perfect for a side dish or an appetizer. And anything with cheese makes me happy!


  1. Prepare cooked rice
  2. These are a few of the seasonings that I use on a lot of what I cook. I combine them and make a house seasoning20160426_1838063. While the broccoli cooks (This one is from a steam bag from Publix)20160426_1832054. Prepare the cream sauce (a white roux made from milk, butter, and flour). In a warmed saucepan, warm butter and then add sifted flour. Whisk together and add milk. Continue whisking until sauce thickens and remove from heat. Add salt and pepper. 20160426_1831435. Combine seasoning, broccoli, rice in a bowl. Add the sauce as a top layer. lightly combining. Top generously with cheese. I used a Mexican four cheese mix for this recipe.


Here is the finished product. Bake on 350, covered with foil for about 20 minutes until cheese melts.


This is the link to the original recipe



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