Be Gucci, Not TJ Maxx

women shopping

Memes fuck up our worlds, but entertain us at the same time. This is the meme that was posted in one of my Facebook groups today:


Putting aside the fact that some of my favorite memes are usually grammatically incorrect and never ever spell checked, the other issue is that most of us like to get our #relationshipgoals from memes (read the previous #relationship goals blog post here).


Sure some of them sound good, but some of them, if you take the time to read them aloud to yourself, don’t make any sense.

My response to this one was that a woman has to recognize whether or not she’s Gucci or TJ Maxx. Let me first say that I LOVE TJ Maxx. There is no shade here. But as always, let me break this down.

The world is based on balance. You can’t appreciate the sunshine when there is no rain. In order for up to exist, there has to be down. Without two opposing and differing sides, there is no true perspective.

I remember shopping for the first time in an upscale luxury store. It is an experience. From the door (which in some stores is manned by a guard), to the lighting, to the flooring and accents, to the displays. It is all an experience. You are fully aware that you are in the presence of luxury. You act accordingly. When you step into a store like Gucci, you already are aware that there is no $.99 rack. There is no bartering for prices. Either you can afford it or you move on. You know before you walk in whether you can afford to shop there or not. As a matter of fact, you may walk past, admiring the store while you are at the mall, smiling, seeing how pretty it looks, dreaming of one day going in to purchase, but if it is not in your budget, you may not even waste your time doing much window shopping at all.


Because Gucci may be out of your league  out of your budget. So you move on to somewhere that is more attainable. Once again, no shade.

TJ Maxx is a place where I only shop during the day as soon as they open at ten a.m. If I don’t, being in there kicks my OCD into overdrive. Clothes are just randomly tossed back on the racks, things in the bins are not neat, the shoes are all over the floor in the shoe section. The prices on the tag may have been marked down two or three times because the product has been returned a few times. But don’t mistake, you can find some real gems in there and I always get exactly what I want within my budget. You can ask for more off of the price if you find something wrong with your garment as well.

Going back to the meme above, some of the TJ Maxx women read that meme and thought that they were Gucci.

I said it. I don’t apologize for it.

In a world where basic chicks on IG are saturating the market and women aspire to be a Bad Bitch, a distinction needs to be made between whether you are Gucci or TJ Maxx.

woman-happy shopping

I’m not here to tell you which one you are. You can compare and contrast based on what I spoke of above. And once again, there is no shade….well maybe not shade, but total truth.

While some of you are out here giving everyone the keys to test drive you around the block, with several discount stickers stacked up on your price tag, there are others that know and recognize  that they are the shopping experience at Gucci. You walk in and there may not even be a price tag. You just need to have a certain amount of money to even have the experience and you have to be ready to pay no matter what the price is because you can afford the luxury.

I’m speaking to the ladies, because I am pro woman and I want my sisters to get their life all the way right.

You’ve been dealing with the man for three weeks and you can’t figure out why he hasn’t taken you on a date- or worse, you don’t even require that he take you on dates. Or you may be the woman paying for all of the dates…*sigh*

It’s not the men all of the time ladies! If that man can’t afford to shop, he needs to window shop- smile, admire, and keep it moving. And letting him window shop is perfectly fine. He needs to save up until he can afford to deal with you (emotionally, financially, etc as a whole woman) or back the hell off.

Call me what you want. Talk amongst yourselves. Get upset. But if you got mad at that last statement, chances are you are TJ Maxx and not Gucci.



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