Monday Motivation- Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

“So whether you see the glass as half full or half empty is truly perspective.”


You’ve most likely heard the adage about seeing the glass half full or half empty.  It is one that kind of annoys me. There are so many different ways to look at this.

If you look at the glass as half full, you are thought to be more optimistic, more positive. You see the good in things and you don’t necessarily concentrate on the storm or the trouble that is facing you.

If you see the glass as half empty, you are thought to be more pessimistic. You don’t immediately see the positive side of the situation. You look at what is going wrong first.

While I’m usually pretty optimistic, there are times when you have to be realistic. The glass just may be half empty. Resources may be depleted, your supports may be low. You may be at a time when it feels like you are on your last leg and you have no more left to give. So it would be understandable when you see the glass as half empty.

The key…

Realizing that you can fill the glass back up.


That is the important part. We all fall at some point. And if you have been fortunate enough not to, life happens to us all. Strength is not just in seeing things positively and living for the future when the situation will be better. Strength is also in being realistic about what you are dealing with so that you can make the proper steps to move through. So whether you see the glass as half full or half empty is truly perspective. And I suspect that we will see both depending on what life is dishing out.

What matters most is that it is a glass and that no matter how many times it appears empty, it can be full again and again.


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