All Assed Out ~ Why We’re Worth More

"Some may say that I’m being a hater or that I’m jealous because I wasn’t blessed with a big bodacious booty." Scrolling through my Facebook page the other day I came across a friend request from a female that had an ass shot as her profile picture. My first thought was what the hell! I... Continue Reading →


AAMBC’s Urban Book Bash and Movie Premier of Secrets

A couple of weeks ago the ladies of CLS had the opportunity to attend the AAMBC’s Urban Book Bash. For those that don’t know, AAMBC stands for African Americans on the Move Book Club. Its founder and CEO, Tamika Newhouse, has grown AAMBC into one of the largest online book clubs today and has created... Continue Reading →

His Property, Naw!

He discretely and quietly protects his property No other man near or far His almond colored eyes pierce her soul Her heart pulsates to the sounds of nature’s movement She quickly gathers her conscious while maintaining a certain level of interest Her body remains whole He often tells her to surrender She says my body... Continue Reading →


Every week, Thursdays to be exact we purposely tune in to watch the degradation of family. We intentionally watch nation  wide as families are destroyed. Let me be specific and get down to the nitty-gritty. I am talking about the widely popular ABC show, Scandal. The whole "scandal" has been Olivia Pope sleeping with the... Continue Reading →

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