Don’t Be Ashamed to Seek a Counselor/Therapist!

“I always wished I could control myself and I prayed that God would let me just react in a chill mode when things upset me.”

Some say it is a culture thing, others say it’s just embarrassing! Counseling is not supposed to be a negative aspect, it is the complete opposite. But yet, so many people refrain from seeing a counselor because of several reasons. Many people think seeking a counselor or therapist is a sign of being crazy. It is a proven fact that counseling has helped people throughout the world. Everyone should seek counseling in my opinion. I know everyone life is perfect according to Facebook (side eye), but it will still be useful to talk to a therapist just to vent or air out issues of concern. I promise you will get something positive out of it!

I studied psychology for five years and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. The most important lesson I learned was from one of my professors. He said if I wanted to be a great therapist, I must seek therapy myself. My college professor provided extra credit to seek outside counseling and of course, I could have used the extra credit! At first I thought I was just going to sit down, get the extra credit, and be out! Well, after sitting and talking with a therapist I found out that I was really crazy!

side eye cookie

Just kidding, but I found out some things about myself that I didn’t know existed. I was able to understand why I behave in a certain manner.

For example, I once had a bad temper. My family would always say, “Girl, you get that from your daddy.” I always thought my hot head came from a personality trait I received from my father. Not only did I learn where my anger came from, but I also learned the reasons why I get angry to a high extent. I always wished I could control myself and I prayed that God would let me just react in a chill mode when things upset me. But every time I was tested, I had no control over my anger. I learned my anger related to some life experiences that I thought I was over, such as betrayal and the death of my father. Everything made sense once I connected the dots. Counseling has made me a better person even though I am still working on myself. I guess I will always be a work in progress and that is fine with me!

I hear a lot of people say they don’t need counseling and they only look to God for help, healing, and salvation. Please continue to do that, but again counseling was not developed to hinder you or make you feel ashamed. Allow yourself to accept healing from God and other resources that are available for you. No one is perfect and anyone that is pretending to be are the main people who need counseling!!

All major health insurance policies cover counseling so check your benefits and make your appointment! I promise you won’t regret it!


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