Gratitude and Patience

“The universe is fully aware of the things that you speak and think. Therefore, you must be careful of the energy that you put out.”

I consider myself one of the most impatient people in the world. I like what I like when I want it the way that I want it. It’s not my most admirable trait. I don’t really have a clue how to work on it. I’m actually tested on it daily. Both of my kids have autistic features and force me to be more patient, but I often fail that test.

Working on having more gratitude has been helpful in becoming more patient. One of the exercises that I do is to use my journal to list at least three things that I am grateful for. I try to do it at least twice a week. When I get up in the morning, I try to make gratitude the first thing I think about. It helps to determine the way that I navigate my day.

A friend sent me a list of things that she had been meditation on. The first thing that I noticed is that she spoke of what she was not going to do. My advise to her- speak positively. Turn those NOT’s and DON’Ts into I will and I can.

  • I won’t worry becomes I will focus on thinking positive thoughts
  • I’m not giving up becomes I will preserve and remain disciplined
  • I don’t want to fail becomes I will succeed

The universe is fully aware of the things that you speak and think. Therefore, you must be careful of the energy that you put out.

When I was offered the opportunity to write a piece for Kimberly Elise’s website on gratitude, it came on time with what I was already learning at this point in my life. Learning to be more patient has come through recognizing that I should show and have more gratitude in my everyday life. Taking the time out to think of the things that I am grateful for has required patience. It has required that I slow down and take a moment to really figure out what is important. What things really need my attention? What things are draining me unnecessarily?


Make a list of the things that you are grateful for. Make sure that you are using positive words to describe those things.

Then click here to check out my article on on gratitude.

Read Tamara’s article




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  1. Reblogged this on Awake and Empowered and commented:
    The following article was written by a woman who, like many of us, struggles to remember to take time to be grateful for what she has in life. In fact, she wrote two articles on the topic. I have linked you up to my favorite of the two, but you can find the other by following another link embedded within the article I included. (Wow, that sounds confusing. It’s not. Just click the little linky thing to go to the the article I am discussing and then you can click another little linky thing to go to the second article. Got it? Okay, let’s move on. I hate life inside parentheses). Ahh talk about something to be grateful for. I finally escaped those parentheses. I can breathe!

    But wait, it’s true isn’t isn’t it? I can breathe. And wow, isn’t that something to be grateful for! Continue reading (and click the little linky thing) to learn more about Tamara’s experience and struggle with gratitude.


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