Monday Motivation- Don’t Grant The Devil Access

“You may have recognized the lesson, but you have not passed the test.”



Sometimes it gets difficult to understand why things aren’t changing in life.

Why you continue to choose the same man over and over again.

Why there continues to be the same turmoil and stress.

Why nothing seems to move forward.

You are constantly waiting for things to change and they haven’t. It seems to be stress after stress and disappointment after disappointment.

And you’re pretty sure that you’ve done the work. You’ve learned the lessons right?

How many times would you put yourself through the same dysfunctional situation? That would seem crazy.

But you are.

You may have recognized the lesson, but you have not passed the test.

And the reason why?

You continuously grant access to the devil you rebuke.

You continue to talk about that failed relationship.

You continue to talk to that man who is clearly not the one for you, but you’re bored and it doesn’t seem like it’s hurting anything to keep the window open for texting and phone calls.

You continue to argue and disagree with that family member that does not deserve the time it takes for you to answer their phone call.

You failed the test because you don’t understand that you are in total control of your life. You attract what you allow and what you are.

So if you are constantly thinking about that failed relationship- you’ll talk about it.

If you consider yourself bored and don’t hold higher prospects for finding love, then you will settle.

When you accept and make time for levels of drama, you will continue to be open to drama that occurs in your space.

They key- action.

Don’t rebuke the devil and then continue to grant him access. It’s like the stray cat outside your door. If you want him to go away completely, you have to stop setting out the milk. Indefinitely. You can’t think that it’s okay to set the milk out even ten days later because on the off chance that cat wants to check in and see if you went back on your promise to never put out milk again and he finds that you did, you have once again invited him back to your door.

Same with that rebuked devil. He’s always checking to see if you have gone back on your word and not standing your ground. And he’ll catch you in that moment of weakness and take that opportunity to slide right in the door that you continue to leave wide open.


Monday Motivation


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