Raise Your Vibration

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These words sound so basic but yet, it seems hard to obtain these very things.

Where do you find happiness?

How do you express gratitude?

Who deserves kindness?

There is no easy answer for any of those questions. But one answer is that all of the above starts from within. You can not expect to find them in others when you yourself don’t display them.

We often find ourselves in patterns of negative behavior quite easily- complaining, binge eating, doing things in excess because it feels good, and we may find ourselves with a quick temper and easily agitated. All in response to whatever stressors we have going on at the time.

Those things lower our vibration- keep us in those very moods that we wish we could get out of. The universe works by law of attraction- like attracts like. So focusing on negativity breeds negativity.

Imagine if you raised your vibration.

You wake up this morning on the wrong side of the bed. How can you raise your vibration?

Grounding exercises– Anchor yourself in the present. Deep breathing, Let your feet touch the floor. Imagine roots growing from your toes tethering you to the earth. You have a connection to the universe. Ground yourself to stand firm and get a hold on your here and now.

Find something funny- When I am having a bad day, I go on Facebook and ask my friends to start a meme war. I find memes to be hilarious and nothing changes my mood quicker than laughing. When you need to raise your vibration, find something funny to watch. Laughing can help you clear out the negative thoughts and emotions.

Eat something- Not a cupcake (damn it!). Drink a leafy green smoothie. Eat some almonds or raw foods. Certain foods have an automatic pick me up because they have the ability to boost your serotonin levels which makes you feel happier.

It takes practice for these things to be like second nature. Awareness is the first step.

How do you change your mood when you are feeling down?


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