Forgiving Yourself, Moving On, And Letting Go

I’m a music lover. I love all different genres. It never really mattered to me whether it was country, rock, or R&B. As long as the message was clear and the beat moved me.

Let me tell you about creatives. We flock to one another. There is a synergy there that is encouraging and enlightening.

I liked Tysa from the moment I met her in a Facebook group. First off, we’ve never met in person or talked by phone. But spirits recognize.

So when she sent me I Release You, I had to listen. And I loved it.

A song talking about letting go. We all have to let go at some time.  We collect things and people on this journey called life and we can’t keep it all. It begins to clutter our space. You have to let go. But letting go is not easy. You may feel guilt, resentment, and have trouble because when you let go, there is a void and there is the unknown. That can be terrifying. And if you can’t forgive yourself for needing to let go, that makes it even harder.

But Tysa does something extraordinary at the end of the song. She forgives herself and she gives herself permission to move forward.

Think on that.

Gives herself permission. She did not sit around waiting for someone else to say it’s okay to move on. She took the steps, found the strength, and looked ahead.

There is something sweet about that.





You, my dear, are all of the above.

You can find her mixtape here Tysa Rose



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