That Soulmate That Was A Mistake

"I think sometimes we stay a little too long in a relationship because we mistake that lesson for a soulmate. We’ve all been in that relationship where we stuck around a little too long. Trying to revive something that died a long time ago. Or maybe you are the type to fall too quickly. You... Continue Reading →

Tango with Diablo

"Maybe it's just utter insanity. To consciously fall for someone who is emotionally unavailable." You ever do something and you know damn well that it's not right, but you do it anyway? My girlfriends and I spend a lot of time talking about love and relationships. And one thing that we discuss often is falling... Continue Reading →


"As I get older, I am realizing relationships that don't encourage me are not necessary for me and my WORLD."   Have you ever met someone that you know deep down this isn't going anywhere, but_______ . Insert whatever it is that keeps you in it. If this is you, raise your hand proud and let's begin to... Continue Reading →

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