Managing Your Energy And What (or Who) You Call to Yourself

~”So if there is power in our thoughts and our energy, then we have the ability to attract what we want into our world.”

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Scenario #1: You are seated in a room. Someone else walks in and immediately, it feels like the positive mood is sucked out of the space. That person sits down and you don’t know why, but you move your seat because sitting near them makes you uncomfortable.

Scenario #2: You have a friend that you love to be around. Being in their presence always seems to lift your spirits. No matter how you are feeling, your friend always makes you smile.

Both examples are explained by energy.

We are all energy. As humans, our spirit speaks for itself. The first time I realized what the concept of spirit and energy truly was about was when my mother passed away. I remember at the viewing, I saw a body, but there was no spirit there. None of her infectious energy.  None of that thing that drew people to her. I understood then what energy was really about.

I further understood it when I started to go for energy healings and chakra balancing. There was a place here in Atlanta that taught alternative medicine and therapy. Walking into the room, you could feel the positive energy. It was completely tangible and it felt so good. Once the healing was complete, I actually felt lighter. The personification of lifting the weight pf the world from your shoulders.

There is power in energy. And the older I get, I understand that there is power in our thoughts. So if there is power in our thoughts and our energy, then we have the ability to attract what we want into our world.

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It is not easy to think positively. Humans are hard wired to protect themselves- survival of the fittest. So we are always looking to side step things that are negative. It takes effort to focus on the positive. It takes effort to decide that you will see things optimistically.

Imagine living life and knowing that you have the key to managing the direction. It’s the crux of what we see on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah. It’s the topic of discussion from motivational speakers all around. So how do you manage your energy and become more aware of what and who you are attracting in your life?

  • Keep a journal Take a few days to identify and write down your feelings and thoughts. Sometimes we are moving so quickly, we don’t even take the time to note our thoughts and feelings throughout the day. *** You can simply take five minutes before bed to reflect on the day and replay some events and put a feeling to what happened.
  • Meditate For everyone, this is different. Some people are in to meditation with chanting and mantras. All you need to start is a quiet room, and a few minutes. Take deep breaths, focus on something positive, and clear your mind.
  • Don’t be afraid to clean house This is figuratively cleaning your house ie getting rid of clutter, old mail, clothes that you don’t wear, or reorganizing. It also means not being afraid to let go of negative friends, changing that job that causes anxiety and stress, or getting rid of that relationship that should not be resuscitated ever.
  • Be aware of what you feed your spirit Books, music, media, phone calls, etc can affect your mood. Be very careful about what you allow in your space. That friend that always complains, too many sad love songs, and movies that are too violent and depressing can be vexing to your spirit and you won’t even realize it until after it is too late.

Remember, no one with positive energy will be able to stick around negative energy for long. If you want more positive things happening in your life, you have the power to manifest those things. Getting used to using the tips above takes time. You may backslide and have to start again, but keep trying until thinking positively feels natural and like second nature.

~ Tamara

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