CLS Bloggers Attend Stage Play, “I’ll Be Single Before I Settle”



Playwright, Shaneisha Dodson, has crafted a compelling stage play that initially focuses on the plight of four girlfriends and their desire to find “good” men. We’re taken on a brief journey through their younger years and the issues that contributed to who the women are today. However, the play takes on a more serious tone when it’s discovered that the happy-go-lucky Bertha (played by Yolanda Renee) has been a silent victim of domestic violence.  Crimes against her lead the other friends, Nicole (Elissa Sanders), Amber (Amaris Samuel), and Giovan (K. Edmonds), to reveal truths about themselves, including Amber’s admission of a positive HIV status. This play successfully shines a much needed light on the epidemics of domestic violence and HIV in the black community. Kudos to Shaneisha Dodson for focusing on issues that are often either swept under the rug or ignored because of the social stigma attached to them.

The gathering of four friends and their different obstacles in life made this play very relative. Lisa states that she could really feel that audience  members could relate to each character’s personality and comedic gatherings. The four ladies acted beautifully in expressing their triumphs and secrets. The play took several turns and twists that kept us intrigued throughout the entire play.  Audience members were laughing, crying, and angry which are the perfect ingredients of a good plot.


Shaneisha, an Arkansas native, is the author of several Contemporary Fiction novels including “A Diamond For A Diva” and “Cheating On My Mistress”. She will continue to take her current play to several cities, college campuses and has plans to adapt one of her novels into a stage play as well.

Here is a highlight of some of the cast members we met after the play..


K. Edmonds has been an actress for 18 years and is based out of Detroit. She has a sweet spirit which is an opposite characteristic of the role she played as Giovan.


Ronald Clemons with Hilda and Stacey

Ronald Clemons is an actor and model from Kansas City.  He is currently working on a film called “I Love You” which is being filmed in Dallas.

Visit Black Girlz Productions to find out when the play is coming to a city near you!


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