It’s Been Six Months Already…..


Confession: I started CLS in the midst of a lot of change in my life. My marriage was ending, I was suddenly a single mother of two kids with challenges, and I had minimal support. I had to quickly figure out everything on my own.

It was not at all where I expected to be in life, but I was there and had no choice but to keep going. My closest friends were there for me with encouragement and a listening ear no matter what hour.

I started to wonder how other women made it through when things were hard. Did everyone have friends like I did? I realize my blessings and I thought, maybe I could start a blog for women that did not have the close friendships that I do. Maybe the blog could be there for them when they struggle and when they triumph.

I have been so fortunate to have women come aboard CLS that see my vision and that share my enthusiasm for girl power and women’s empowerment. These women are dynamic and encourage me to be a little more extroverted than I naturally am.

In the past six months, CLS has been able to participate in some amazing events and we look forward to doing more in the next six months. We will continue to bring you truthful voices, love, and encouragement.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

~ Tamara and the ladies of CLS

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