Summer Vacation Countdown & Why I Am Od’ing on Self Care

“The new norm for me is to make Hilda a priority so that I can have the energy to give to my loved ones and be at my best.”

This time of year parents all over the country are starting to get to that point where exhaustion is starting to set in. The demands of our children’s committments keep us running from practice to specialty stores, meetings to conferences, and more. We are plain worn out and ready for a break. 

One of many banquets this school year

Can you relate?

Practices and games galore this year 

I am right there with you. I am at the point where I am looking forward to the relaxed feel of summer break. No worries about checking homework or projects. No ClassDojo to check. I am ready for some traveling. Beach action. Visiting family on the weekends. Ahhhhh, I digress…

I’m even a girl scout leader this year too

This year is especially busy for me as my second-born is graduating from high school and my daughter, my last-born, finishes elementary school. Since these are milestone years, I  would like to make them super special (which wears me out even more). But it is totally worth it! So, I am beginning to plan and prepare for graduation festivities and college preparation for my high schooler. There are invitations to buy, photography sessions to plan for and book, a party to plan, etc. The list goes on and on. 

Keeping mind and body fit

With all of this activity going on, I have made sure that I have been taking time to take care of myself. While I would love to take off for a week and temporarily not give a damn about responsibilities, that is not my present reality (of which I am at peace and total acceptance with). 

Yoga always brings me back to my center

So, that means I have been doing things like: 

  • Taking a nap when I am sleepy
  • Continuing to exercise and eat healthy 
  • Lay down when I get home after work for 10-20 minutes with neck/shoulder heat pad before starting evening routine
  • Setting boundaries with the kiddos at night regarding when mommy is “off limits”. 
  • Seeing my counselor regularly 
  • Saying no to unnecessary commitments and tasks.
  • Taking my vitamins and doctor prescribed medication
  • Staying hydrated. Lots of herbal tea and water. 
  • Hanging with my girlfriends
  • Taking mental health days
Girls Night Out

    In years past, this type of self-care business during this busy time of year was not the norm. Well, no more of that nonsense. The new norm for me is to make Hilda a priority so that I can have the energy to give to my loved ones and be at my best. 

    Ah, first day of school pics. Such excitement!

    So, to all the moms out there that are running on fumes, please do yourself a favor and remember that you are worth every moment of rest, relaxation, peace and fun. Enjoy!


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